Climate Science

Climate Science, Understanding Earth processes is essential for becoming better stewards of our planet. Free Flight provides not only the perfect perspective but actively uses the the processes that require further understanding to explore this unique environment.


Conservation, as a natural result of using terrain, sunlight and wind for mobility one notices the impact humans have on our surroundings. Every tree, rock, path, building, ground type changes how ground moisture flows, heating/cooling, and wind flow. It’s out vision that many conservation specialists will join us in using this unique platform to get helicopter/airship quality observations using only nature.


Safety, human flight is not safe. Gravity is on and the ground moves much too slow… How do we continue to make flying safer for pilots and the loved ones of pilots. In order to support the first two areas, driving safety into all out work is essential. Making sure that gear is in proper condition, tuned. Exploring new ways of sensing in the wings, line cascades, and on the pilot is on-going. Much of human free flight is a mind game. How do we re-train our brains to overcome: fear, motion sickness, or ambition?


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