Free Flight Research Lab (FFRL) is a Non-Profit Research Institute developed to create positive global impact through applications of technology for advancing:
1. climate science & weather forecasting
2. conservation & resource preservation
3. aerospace science, human factors & free flight safety.
FFRL has a goal to help the public become good stewards of this planet, future planets and planetary bodies that we as a species may inhabit.
FFRL seeks to build partnerships between pilots and public Spaces for conservation and land management.
FFRL has a goal to enable Free Flight Platforms to be utilized for science payloads and human factors research.
The FFRL is dedicated to inspiring exploration, science and maker education for current and future generations.
FFRL  captures Virtual Reality Experiences of Free Flight for those who are interested in the Free Flight Experience but are unable, or unwilling to conduct a flight.
FFRL conducts Research Projects in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Humanities and Mathematics.
FFRL embraces a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on mixing ART, SCIENCE and HUMANITY
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